About ImaChek

ImaChek includes a suite of services to improve the screening process for digital images acquired from life science research. The solutions are designed to serve various needs, whether you are a researcher, publisher, or university administrator.

Background of ImaChek

Studies show that 3.8% of over 20,000 papers published in various journals between 1995 and 2014 contained problematic figures, and this rate has not declined even after journals have devised specific guidelines on processing and preserving the integrity of scientific image data. iLPixel developed ImaChek to promote research integrity and advancement in life science research around the globe.

Features of ImaChek

  • For Life Science

    ImaChek is designed to detect fabricated digital images acquired from life science research, such as electrophoresis images and images of stained tissues.

  • User-friendly Interface

    Extensive knowledge on image analysis is not a requirement for using ImaChek.

  • Instant Processing

    ImaChek starts checking the images automatically once they have been uploaded.

  • Highlighting Function

    ImaChek provides high accuracy that users can rely on. Furthermore, ImaChek highlights the parts with potential misconduct to provide an easy way to read results.

  • Security

    ImaChek is built on Amazon cloud, meaning that users can be ensured that all of their personal information and their important image data will be protected.

Solutions Explained

Currently Available Solutions

ImaChek Pro

  • Designed for life science researchers and university administrators
  • A unique cloud-based system to check if the images in research publications have been reused
  • Unlimited IP allows you to get access to the solution anytime and anywhere
  • Analysis can be done in 3 simple steps
  • Image analysis results can be exported as a PDF file.

Future solutions

ImaChek Premium (Under development)

  • Designed for government institutions
  • In-depth analyses by experts to check if the images in research publications have been reused or inappropriately manipulated

ImaChek for Publishers (Available in 2018)

  • Designed for publishers
  • Customized API service that is integrated with publishers’ workflow
  • Automatically flags problematic images at submission stage